Željko Ćurić


In 1993, Željko Ćurić, MD., psychiatrist, psychotherapist and communicologist, moved from Dubrovnik to Ljubljana where he established O.K. Consulting company together with Nikolai Mejaš, BA. Together with a team of experts, they provide development and training courses for managers, athletes and all those for whom communication is an important tool in their business. Occasionally he participates in education and training of the Police Special Force as a negotiator in hostage situations.
Željko has been happily married to his wife Emilija for 33 years and is the father and best friend of 32-year-old Andrea.

Modern Professional Communication

After several decades of defining communication as a waste of time or a more or less trivial tool, in the last twenty years, business communication has become a demanding and efficient form of work. It requires top-level strategic thinking and top-level tactical performance based on knowledge, skills and attitude.
Traditional values of knowledge and skills, i.e. knowhow, are becoming increasingly important as the foundation of the attitude that is developing into a key competitive advantage in modern communication.
Research shows that 87% of communication problems stem not from ignorance or lack of skill, but from inappropriate or misleading approaches.