Wolfgang Steinhauer


Wolfgang Steinhauer, interpreter and translator EN-GER graduated in 2007 at the interpreters institute SDI in Munich. He honed his skills as translator and interpreter in professional sports, TV, engineering and business. He always tried new strategies and tactics learned from his clients in his own enterprise to increase productivity. He shares his experience in order to help his colleagues think out of the box, become more efficient and boost their careers.

How about translating 10.000 words per day? Boost your productivity!

In this presentation we are going to unveil tactics and strategies to drastically raise your productivity and efficiency. We are going to take the whole translation process apart, optimize the individual microprocesses and reengineer it again using strategies from the manufacturing industry, professional sports and analytics.
– efficient speed reading methods
– how to focus better and longer
– how to translate more efficiently by restructuring your work to enable better cognition
– workflow reorganization
– research strategies
– how to type as fast and effortlessly as a piano virtuoso