Uroš Petrović


Uroš Petrović (1967) is a writer, lecturer, and graduate engineer, co-author of the innovative program called “NTC Learning System,” used in more than ten European countries. He is a guest lecturer at universities and other educational institutions at home and abroad.
He is the author of fourteen books and has won as many awards for literature. Petrović is Serbia’s most popular author among children and young people, and his books have been published in several European countries. He is the co-author of and collaborator on numerous television projects in the Public Service of Serbia, and has also received a great number of prestigious awards for photography.
He has been a longtime president of Mensa Serbia and is one of the most successful IQ X test solvers in the world. He lives and works in Belgrade.

Tapping into New Dimensions of the Brain: Thinking Outside the Box to Generate New Ideas and Solutions

Presentation of new knowledge of how the brain works in a workshop where all participants, through their own examples, will be confident and convinced that their scope of thinking is much broader than they normally use; through an interactive exchange of ideas and proposals, participants will be inevitably put into a situation to apply their creative and inspirational way of thinking to their work; they will be trained how to use brain tricks for a more powerful and creative thinking, for a better and more efficient memory, and problem solving.
Each of the participants will leave the lecture inspired by new ideas and solutions for their business and life in general. Surprise included.