Roberto Ganzerli


Roberto Ganzerli has been in the translation and localization industry for over 30 years. He started as a translator in 1983 and founded Arancho in 1993. Roberto has been President of Arancho until 2011, when the company merged with Ic.Doc to become Arancho Doc. Back in 2003 Roberto was one of the initiators of Elia and Arancho was one of its founding members in 2005. Roberto was the first Elia President and led the European Language Industry Association for the first 5 years of its successful life. He was the CSO of Arancho Doc, an ISO 17100 and ISO 9001-certified translation and localization company with offices in Italy, Spain, Finland, Switzerland and the Czech Republic until August 2017. Roberto is now an independent Language Industry Expert and can be reached at:

Operating Budget: How to Keep Tabs on Your Company and Motivate Your Staff

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, profitability is not only the result of more sales or higher margins but also a question of improving in-house efficiency. The Victorians used to say that “charity begins at home”: one of the primary sources of the information you need to increase your profitability is right in front of your nose!

Considerable growth can be achieved by carefully analyzing your historical data and sharing them with your staff whose insight will contribute to maximizing results. The wealth of our in-house knowledge can be used to improve the profitability of our companies: asking your staff to be involved in drafting your operating budgets will help to better forecast profits, identify problems and opportunities as they arise and make timely adjustments to maintain financial stability. By participating in setting the company’s goals and targets, members of staff are not only accountable for results but also more motivated to go that extra mile to achieve them.

Join us in a hands-on session where I will share my ex company’s budget model and show how budgeting can be used to involve your staff in achieving company goals and profitability targets as well as motivating them to work in teams.