Geert Vanderhaeghe


Geert Vanderhaeghe obtained degrees in economics, business administration and tax law from the universities of Leuven and Brussels. Between 1990 and 2015, he was a banker at KBL (90-93), Citigroup (93-03) and BNP Paribas (03-15) in Luxembourg, New York, London and Brussels, working with asset managers, insurance companies, banks and brokers. In 2015, he started an entrepreneurial career in taking over Lexitech, a medium-sized LSP based in Brussels.
Geert is married to Hilde, a lobbyist, and they live in Brussels with their children Daphné and Thomas. In his free time, Geert can be found with friends aboard ‘Revival’ on the capricious waters of the North Sea.

Let's Stick Together: Thoughts and Trends on Alliances, Mergers, Acquisitions

The structure of the translation and localisation industry is in flux. Changes in technology, client behaviour, the economic and financial environment have us review our strategies. We can decide to continue on our own or decide to ‘stick together’. What are these macro drivers of transactions in our industry and how do these impact our day-to-day environment? In this presentation, I will share my analysis and experience when acquiring Lexitech in 2015 and discuss recent developments since then.