Don Shin


Don Shin is the Founder and CEO of 1-StopAsia, a 24-hour Asian language service provider. As a Korean translator himself, Shin has translated over 500 movies and 40 books since 1987. He received his BA in Korean Language and Literature from Pusan University in Korea and finished MA courses in English translation at the Korea University. He served on the board of directors of Association of Language Companies (ALC) between 2003-2005. 1-StopAsia is one of the largest teams of Asian specialists serving over 700 translation companies. The company employs over 200 employees in 5 different countries: USA, China, Korea, Japan and Bulgaria.

Can We Trust What We Know (about the Translation Market)?

We believe what we see, but what if our eyes only saw what we believed to be true? This philosophic question can be applied to the various facets of our market. We have been taught to believe that the size of our existing market and its players are definite. However, what if there were players and worlds that we see constantly, but don’t know about, choose to ignore or perhaps don’t believe in? This presentation or workshop cannot open a huge hidden market for you; but it may shift your brain and eyes to a world that is a lot bigger than you expected, a world that is continuously evolving.