Christine Bruckner


Christine Bruckner has more than 20 years of professional experience as a freelance translator and in CAT/term/MT administration, support, training & consulting in the corporate + LSP area.
Christine holds university degrees in translation and in computational linguistics; she has been one of the early adopters of TM technology and has a special passion for the TM+MT combination. She enjoys reading research papers, testing and configuring TM+MT integrations, writing articles and giving presentations about one or both of these fraternal twins. Occasionally, Christine does translations for a human rights’ organisation where she tries to make the best of the MT TM combination.

Dangerous MT TeMptations – or Secure Collaboration?

Most of the CAT tools now offer integrations with online machine translation (MT) solutions. Better MT quality and self-learning capabilities thanks to neural and adaptive MT technologies make the classic TM and innovative MT combination more attractive for freelancer translators and LSPs.
Much has been written, said and discussed about post-editing, quality, pricing, process impact, etc. – but quite little about which information security aspects and concerns need to be considered when translators collaborate with free online MT.
We will take a look into the current online MT plugins and add-ons of the most common CAT tools (SDL Trados Studio, MemoQ, Across, Transit) and the terms of use of free online MT offers. The recommendations and discussions will focus on if, when and how we can securely integrate and use MT in our translation jobs – both from the translator’s and the LSP/company perspective.