Blanca Nájera Villar


Blanca Nájera holds a Master Degree of Terminology from the prestigious Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and a Masters in translation studies from Madrid Universidad Alfonso X, El Sabio, Madrid, Spain.
Blanca is a qualified and highly skilled freelance translator, with strong experience in the profession after working as a project manager and in-house linguist with several translation agencies across both Spain and Germany.
She is ECQA Certified Innovation Manager and an experienced project manager with focus on Applied Terminology, Ontology, Quality, Termbase creation and Terminology Strategiesa and she has been TermNet Deputy Director of TermNet since October 2011.
Blanca is a distinguished expert and passionate trainer of terminology and co-ordinates the ECQA Certified Terminology Manager trainings and international terminology summer schools. She continuously develops new trainings and learning elements at basic and advanced levels for the skills and competences portfolio of ECQA Certified Terminology Manager certificate.

Creativity, Collaboration and Communication: Is Terminology Our Friend or Enemy? or the Three Cs at the International Network for Terminology

Are the three Cs a sticking point in language industry?
Is creativity really desired in the translation industry? How do we understand creativity? Sometimes it is a must: term creation. And what about communication and collaboration to reach cohesion and coherence in documentation? Is there a sense of community for sharing and networking?
This presentation will show how terminology management and TermNet can turn strangers (or even enemies) into friends and allies to overcome obstacles and, moreover, boost the translation industry business.