TTT Awayday *

Saturday, 11 November 2017, 8.45

An Olympic Day with Olympic Champions from Bled

We will gather in the hotel lobby at 8.45 and take a few-minute walk to the starting point of our TTT Awayday.
Saturday is not a day for sitting in a conference hall – it is a perfect day for outdoor activities in the company of two Slovenian Olympic champions: Jani Klemenčič and Miha Pirih. These youthful and professional athletes with their team will guide us through creative tasks and teach us how to row with ease not by pulling hard but by working together. They will help us discover the Bled Island and find the Olympic medal, all through uncovering dramatic stories about Bled and relaxing in the breathtakingly beautiful scenery of Bled. All activities will be focused on demonstrating the Olympic spirit – the desire to have fun and mingle, not the speed and distance, is what will count. After some additional special treats we will wrap the day up with a traditional dinner served on St. Martin’s Day.

Additional Information

  • *Price: EUR 90/person
  • Planned start: 9.00; planned end: 16.00
  • Drinks, i.e. water and non-alcoholic beverages (limited), snacks, lunch, surprise, prize and souvenir included
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes: casual, sports clothes not necessary, comfortable shoes for outdoor activities advisable, change of clothes recommended.
  • The programme will be adapted in case of bad weather

This is just a sneak-peek – more to come on 11 November 🙂

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